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Aug 6, 2009 5:00pm EDT
to vote for her insisting she brings personal feelings into the high court. >> america needs judges who are guided and controlled not by subjective empathy that they find inside themselves but by objective law that they find outside themselves. >> reporter: sotomayor was nominated to replace retiring david suitor, a liberal justice appointed by the first president bush. she is not expected to shift the ideological balance of the high court. now that sotomayor's been confirmed, the 55-year-old appeals court judge will leave behind her native new york city and move to washington, ready to begin her lifetime appointment to the high court when the new term begins this fall. in washington, joel brown, wjz "eyewitness news." >> sonia sot mier is only the third woman to ever serve on the supreme court. >>> if you were outside early today, you'd think summer was over as temps cooled down with includey skies. will these clearing skies bring cooler weather tonight? bob turk joins us with a look at live doppler radar. bob? >> reporter: just a few clouds right now, but primarily, we're looking for
Aug 26, 2009 5:00pm EDT
america act. this summer, he wrote a passionate letter to massachusetts state leaders. he pleaded for a change in state law, hoping for his senate seat to be filled quickly, so his fight for healthcare could live on. early this month, the president honored the senator with the medal of freedom. he was not well enough to attend, so his daughter accepted the award for him. he made a short appearance at a private wake for his sister eunice shriver. but he did not attend her funeral. this was a sign that many took that he was not well. >> for slide show, extra video, and more reaction, log onto >>> and tonight, don't miss the cbs news special. kennedy, the last brother, looks back on his storied life. that's here tonight on wjz. >>> the fatal water taxi accident that took five lives in baltimore's inner harbor, has brought increased safety measures from the coast guard. alex demetrick reports, the changes may help save lives in the future. >> the water taxi lady dee capsized in 2004, when it was hit by a powerful squall, passing over the inner harbor. >> and the boat just ins
Aug 17, 2009 5:00pm EDT
in america, would that work, would we sit down in the middle of the busy day for a spot of tea. >> when do you get time to do it. i mean, we have to work for a living. >> would you do it. >> >> no, we want iced coffee. >> they're hoping that will stir up support for the favorite brew. >> anyone can drink tea, it's a lovely thing to do. >> reporter: researchers say just the simple act of preparing tea can calm you down. drew levinson, wjz-13. >>> and the study revealed that those who drank it together were more social than just drinking water. >>> a new study suggests it won't be long until you see the greatness of stopping smoking. the doctors hope this is going to encourage people to quit smoking. >>> here's the stories in the paper tomorrow morning. most are awaiting cash for clunkers' money from the government. >>> and competition is intense for the line backers for the ravens. read form's baltimore sun and look for the updated forecast from the first warning weather team. >>> and engagement rumors swirl around prince william. we have more to find out if there's a royal wedding in the w
Aug 31, 2009 5:00pm EDT
classroom is the first among its kind in america. >> >> and a sex offender is charged with attacking a woman. she was found bruised and bleeding and she told the police she was held hostage and beaten by this man. >>> and also, the police are serging for two suspects. this woman was robbed while sitting in her car. the suspects had on white masks and the victim gave them cash and her cell phone. the two fled the scene on foot and they couldn't be located. >> after the death of a superstar d.j. an autopsy was performed. >>> well, results of the autopsy are inconclusive. he was found dead friday night and a crack pipe and drugs were found near him in the apartment. he was a recovering drugged a dick -- addict. >> he survived a plane crash last week. he just finished filming an intervention reality show nor m&tv. -- m&tv. >>> and police are looking for the killers behind the murder of eight people. >> everybody's dead. >> reporter: on the 911 call, a man describes a horrifying seen. >> my whole family's dead. they've been beaten. >> reporter: he says he came home early saturday morning to find
Aug 11, 2009 5:00pm EDT
at the great america amusement park in santa clara. rescue crews were called in to get the riders who were stuck 80 feet in the air. while people were shaken up after the ordeal, everyone was brought down safely. >>> general motors anxiety -- motors' first electric car promises more mileage than toyota's top hybrid, the prius. general murders says it should get 230 miles per gallon of city driving. the volt can be recharged by plugging into a standard wall outlet. >> 80% of americans drive less than 40 miles a day, to and from work. and this vehicle, if you drive less than 40 miles a day, you will probably be able to operate your whole year without using a drop of gas. >> the volt is expected to hit the market next year and sell for around $40,000. >> not bad looking. >>> check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. >> were you talking about me or the car, sally? >> the car. >> healthcare reform fury has reached maryland. >> not enough. >>> tonight, eyewitness news sits down with senator ben cardin to address the controversial issue. plus... >>> a new study shows how this every day pill can help
Aug 25, 2009 5:00pm EDT
of america's biggest beer makers is in a frothy controversy. why some say a promotional campaign may encourage underaged drinking. >>> and downtown intersection closed after several manholes explode into the air. a live report coming up. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news at 6:00. now, back to you. >> thank you, vic. >>> a group of teenagers got the ride of a life time. the vehicle uses a laser pointer to find what's ahead. that information is then relayed to the driver via audio cues and speed vibrations. the designers say more years of testing will be needed before it's road worthy. >>> they're called lizards, but not the cute kind that sell insurance on tv. >> instead, they look frightening. >> check these out. these are water monitor lizards. and they grow to about 11 feet, which is the size of an alligator. at this point, they number in the hundreds. but most seem not to mind them. in fact, some say they're an attraction. >> they remind me of the komodo dragons which i think are off the coast of madagascar. >> and this is in thailand. prehistoric looking,
Aug 28, 2009 5:00pm EDT
in america. >> it's going to come. it's kind of folksy. >> reporter: and what's a fair without the rides? and even though my fellow riders say it's too slow, trust me, they're lying. >> reporter: but let's be honest. one of the best things about going to the fair. the food. >> pork, beef, checken -- chicken, lamb, seafood, maryland produce. we do it all. >> reporter: and you can see all of these animals from now through labor day weekend. this year, the fair is featuring free concerts, tonight at 7:30. come here, see boys 2 men absolutely free. we are live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, week a. no keeping -- weijia. no keeping the pets. leave them there. >> no, i'm bringing them to you. >> i could see that little ducky in your office, wandering around there. >> for a little while anyway. >>> the man charges several camera operators inside a courtroom. how the attack is connected to a fake kidnapping that made headlines. >> glad i wasn't there. >>> he's the head of the federal reserve. and also the latest victim of identity theft. >>> i'm tim williams in the first warning we
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7